Overuse of CGI in today’s movies

Hello, everyone. Our days almost all movies have some CGI elements, some almost fully made by CGI. And now, in my opinion, filmmakers overuse this technology.

No, I understand that it’s a progress in the industry, and it’s impossible to make a sci-fi movie without CGI. But now some sci-fi movies are fully made by sci-fi, and when you looking it, you wonder, if this is a movie, PC game, or cartoon.

Especially I can’t watch horror movies with CGI. It looks absolutely not scary. To be honest, some look decent, especially if it used partially. And it is much cheaper and faster to use CGI instead of technologies from 70-80th. But when you watch a horror movie and you not sure if it is a movie or horror game from the end of the 90th.

In my top 20 movies of all time no movies with many CGI scenes. And the weirdest that movies from this year looks not better than 10 years-old. I saw hi-tech news with new CGI technologies, but in movies, it looks not so good.

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