“Begotten” (1989), movie review

Hello, everyone. Yesterday Youtube showed me as recommended the “Begotten” movie trailer. I saw this movie a few times in the past, and want to share my opinion about it.

This movie marked as a cult movie in all film encyclopedias and possed as a mast to be seen for all fans of horror movies, experimental movies, black metal, and other underground art. And I found this movie because was interested in dark experimental movies.

Well, this movie is extremely atmospheric, it looks like one of the main influences for avant-guard movies and depressive black metal. And scenes from this movie was used by hundreds of music bands (even Marilyn Manson used it in his “Cryptorchid” music video). And if you will watch it been in the right mood, you’ll be amazed. But for most people, it will be boring. To be honest, when I watched it for the second time I didn’t like it.

This movie is philosophic, full of allegories and enigmatic links to myths of creation and rebirth. There is no dialogs or mimic, only figures without explanations.

This film has a second part called “Dim of Celestrial Birds”, it’s only 14 minutes, but it makes the story fullest and completeness.

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