Mayhem live show 2020

Hello, everyone. Not a long time ago I attended one of the live shows from Mayhem 2019-2020 tour. And here I’ll tell a few words about it.

Mayhem is one of the true Norwegian black metal bands, which established this genre. Also, it’s the most legendary band (because of the death of two of their band members, and other shocking stories from their past). I know that some Burzum fans will not agree with me, because in their opinion Verg is the most legendary and influential person in black metal. Yes, he is an extremely interesting person and has the status of the legend, but Burzum as the musical band is a bit less influential in the black metal genre, firstly because more than half of Burzum albums are not included any piece of black metal music. And he personally quite often say that he is not interested in the black metal genre anymore.

In my opinion, Mayhem is the only band from the early Norwegian black metal scene which still does real black metal. And it was not a first their live show which I have seen. And as you probably guessed, they are awesome performing live. Their performance is perfect, everything on the highest possible level.

And such a live show has only one problem – it’s too short (not because the set is short, it’s because such a good sound always percieves as short, and you want more. And even tracklist was great, I always wanted to listen “Deathcrush” ep live.

But there is one thing that both me. Looking on their Instagram page with cookies and toys, I see that they are seniors, and they more and more similar to such old legends as Ozzy Osborne for example. In 70th Black Sabbat was something like Mayhem for people from their time. And over the years all musicians become more soft, less active, have more age illnesses and health problems. And it changes their behavior. And on this show, I realized this. I don’t know how long they will continue to play.

And it’s sad, there is no other huge influencer on the black metal scene from younger bands.

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