Naturals vs steroid users

Natty or juice and maximum natural limits

Hello, everyone. We already talked about bodybuilding on steroids and natural. But there is another high-popular theme, which discussed in the sports community as often as natty vs juice training. It’s a maximum genetic limit for natural athletes. Let’s look on it closer.

The most common method for checking natty or not is Free Fat Mass Index (FFMI), which was count through trou long researches made by sports scientists. There are even online calculators, which works automatically, which you can use not knowing formulas. This one for example.

Basically, if your FFMI is from 20 to 23, probably you on your natural limit, or very close to it. If it’s 24-25, you have above-average genetics, train for a long time, have a great daily routine, and do everything right. If the number is from 25 to 27 you probably juice, or absolute genetic mutant (but it’s very unlikely because there are very few such people in the world, the chance is 1 per million people).

And mostly these numbers are correct, but sometimes there are some exceptions (these genetic mutants, which you can see on Olympia, Arnold Classic, or other such-level shows. These guys juice, but even without it their potential is much higher than average). But for most people, it’s below 22. My absolute all-time maximum is 21.84 (that is the reason why I don’t train like a bodybuilder anymore, I don’t have good genetics for it).

But still, there are dozens of wrong stereotypes and misunderstandings. For example, not all guys below 23 or even below 21 are natty. Almost all YouTube/Instagram natty fitness trainers are juice. They just not use steroids for maximum mass growth. Their look is their business, which they use for earning money, and they do everything to do it better.

Also, almost all beginners believe that they can grow 10 (or even more) kilos of muscles by a few months of training. And they gain fat mostly. I’m sure every beginner made such a mistake. But there are guys which have more than 10 years of experience, and still growing fat instead of muscles. Even for a young guy, younger than 22 years old, with genetics above average, superb meal and regime, very unlikely can build more than 5 kilos of muscles without fat per the first year of training, And with any deviation of any condition that I mentioned before, this number will be smaller. You should be a new Ronnie Coleman to make more.

So, if you hear that someone gained more, he or genetic monster (possibility is almost 0), fat, faker, or juice.

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