Aikido and Wing Chun controversy

Hello, everyone. Aikido and Wing Chun are in the list of the most controversial martial arts in the world. And there’re some objective reasons why. I’ll try to analyze all the pluses and minuses of these styles.

You can find a lot of videos in youtube trends, where MMA guys kick asses of Wing Chun or Aikido adepts. And MMA is a new trend in martial arts. Which probably will end as all trends before in 5-10 years (as Jet Kun Do, Aikido, Karate, Wing Chun before).

Ten years ago Wing Chun was extremely popular because of “Ip Man” movies (it was second wave of popularity, first appeared after Bruce Lee movies in the 70th). Wing Chun was everywhere, and Wing Chun clubs increased monthly payment for everyone who wanted to learn it (2-3 times in my city).

There is a legend that this style was formed for women self-defense by an ex-Shaolin nun, which trained one woman named Wing Chun how to defend herself against men.

Aikido became popular because of movies with Steven Seagal, which were very popular at the end of the 80th and first half of the 90th. And simular with Wing Chun, it was the second wave of popularity, the first wave was in the 50th when Morihei Ueshiba demonstrated his skills to journalists and adepts of other styles.

One of the specific sides of Aikido is religion influence. Basically, Aikido was formed by Ueshiba’s vision of Omoto-Kyo (sect that based on Shinto religion) philosophy of self-defense without attack.

Both of these styles have many similarities. First of all, both of them were formed by separating particular techniques from other, more complex styles (Aikido from Aiki-Jutsu, Wing Chun from Shaolin Chuan). In Aikido’s case, Ueshiba didn’t include all attacking techniques from Aiki-Jutsu, because he didn’t want his apprentices to be able to attack. Wing Chun was separated from a very complex Shaolin Chuan because learning of this style needs too much time. There are a lot of techniques for which you need to develop specific skills. And the purpose was to create a self-defense system, which can use a tiny woman, and not require a lot of time to learn it.

Another similarity that both styles use an opponent’s attacking energy against him (in a different way, because Wing Chun includes mostly punching techniques, Aikido wrestling).

But why both of them possesses now as absolutely ineffective? Well, first of all, most of the traditional martial arts adepts are awful athletes. They are much weaker, slower, flexible, and hardiness than boxers or MMA guys. Also, their techniques are very specific, and it’s very different to use it in the fight with mixed styles.

Yes, you can find a lot of Wing Chun or Aikido “masters”, which are extremely deadly on the web. But in the real-life, they are not so good. But to be honest, MMA is not so good in real life too. Even pro fighter from UFC could be beaten in the real-life by non-trained guys (and if you will use your browser, you can find such cases). MMA it’s just another type of competition, which created according to its rules. And as it was with other popular styles, it is very powerful till all strong, talented guys are interested in this style (such guys could be great fighters even without practise any martial art).

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