The end of Disney’s Star Wars

Hi, everyone. This is the hottest news from the movie industry for this month. Disney released the last chapter of Star Wars, which probably will be really the end of Star Wars movies.

Even Hollywood critics, which always leaks asses of Disney’s directors, don’t like this movie. As we see for the last 5 years or even longer, Hollywood critics always choose to be nice guys to the most influential people of the movie industry. And because of that, reviews from the average viewers and from critics very different. But it looks like this movie is so bad that even they can’t defend it.

I personally will not watch this movie, even if someone gonna pay me for that. The only way which could convince me to watch this movie, that if Bob Iger fire Kathleen Kennedy, write “Stupid cunt” on her face, and promise that Disney will never make another Star Wars movie.

I don’t know any person who watched this movie or planning to do it. I saw some links about the plot, and all of them amazingly bad. And it seems like all of them are the truth. As we see, even the most successful movie universes can’t survive when lefts use it for their propaganda.

I know that Disney also released Mandalorian”, and all who saw it say that it’s awesome. But I don’t want to pay for a subscription for any Disney product. They brutally raped Star Wars. For me, the last good Star Wars product was MMO “The Old Republic”, which, I hope, they didn’t infect yet.

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