Asgardrei 2019

Hi, everyone. Last weekend I was on one absolutely awesome event. And I want to say a few words about it.

This is a legendary festival, which takes place in Kyiv. Here is this year’s festival website. This is one of the very few places where you can see live such bands as Goatmoon, or M8l8th. Basically, it’s an NSBM festival, and because leftists lobby is not so powerful in Ukraine, it is legal.

There were guys from Hungry, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Russia, Sweden, USA, even from Brazil (I think the main motivation was the last show of Evil in history). The atmosphere there was incredible, line up superb, and in my opinion, organizers made an outstanding job.

Now a few words about bands, in my opinion, most remarkable shows gave Frango (live they even better than on records), Goatmoon. M8l8th, Evil, and Svarga. Other bands were cool too, and I hope next year at least half of these bands will be there again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t record anything for my youtube channel. Actually, I recorded a few videos, but first time sound has been so loud that it’s impossible to hear anything on this video, In another case my phone recorded without sound at all. So I decided to take a good time there, and not worry about videos.

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