Incomprehensibily of football hooligans idea

Hello, everyone. If you are from the USA, you have your own football, and you can think “who the fuck these football hooligans are?”. But this article has nothing common with NFL, there is another game, which is much more famous worldwide, except for the US, which you call soccer. And there is such a movement members of which calls themself “hooligans”.

There are two types of hooligans ideology directions, right hooligans (nazi mostly), and antifa hooligans. All football clubs have right or left hooligans, but only one side at the same time (I never heard about any football club that has nazi and antifa firms at the same time). And right-wing firms are more common.

I know that the main idea is to support the team, which you fan of, and fight with fans of your competitor team. But if all these firms have political ideology which they propagate, I can’t understand one thing. And this question is not to antifa firms, because antifa is the movement of communist cowards, and I don’t interested in their thoughts.

The question is if you are a nazi, and in another firm with which your firm fighting, that what is the purpose of such a fight? Such fights quite often end by serious injuries, and basically, you beat your political ally. And even more interesting thing that in football clubs a lot of non-native players (usually more than half of the players are from different countries), and you have nothing against it?

I know that most such fights end when the competitor is fell, and usually, no one beat the guy who can’t stand (but not always). But even if we forget about serious injuries and death of guys in such fights, you make your ally less able to work, train, or live a normal life for a while (till his traumas will relief). And such fights couldn’t be considered by sparrings, I know the difference between sport sparring and street fight.

So, I don’t see any logic in such activities. But at the same time firms from different clubs could unite, if there is a common enemy (as it was in Ukraine in 2014 when all hooligans united against the dictatorship of the pro-Russian president). And don’t forget about the masterpiece song “Putin khuylo”, which was sung by hooligans of Kharkiv’s team “Metalist” for the first time, and became the worldwide hit.

P.S.: Today is the second anniversary of this blog, and I really thank everyone who subscribed or just reads it.

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