Joker box office success

Hi, everyone. I want to congratulate all of you, who came to the movie theatres and watched this movie.  It’s the most successful R-rated movie.

This movie is a real masterpiece and Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best movie-actors (if not the best one) in our days. His performance is incredible, and if he will not receive an Oscar for this role, it would be another proof of Hollywood’s bios.

And even after all those stupid shitty articles from left media, ban on Chinese market, R-rating, it made 1 billion worldwide! I saw this movie a second time in the last week of the run, and the cinema was full.

Last few years I was disappointed, that people watch only garbage movies, which gain great box office, and more intelligent movies not. But this time I’m really glad that people supported this great story.

I not sure if this movie will have any continue, it’s perfect as it is now, but I’d wish to see more this amazing character played by great Joaquin Phoenix.

If you still didn’t see it, you definitely should watch it on the BluRay or DVD after the official release. Don’t support pirates!

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