Why do I don’t work as a personal trainer

Hi, everyone. If you are interested in fitness or any kind of workout in the gym, you saw a lot of bloggers, who said that personal trainer in the gym is a very profitable and perspective profession. And I want to explain why I think that it’s a scam.

If you read my articles, you know that I have a degree in sport science (I’m a personal instructor in the gym, can couch clients in bodybuilding and powerlifting), but I didn’t continue my license and work in an absolutely different field. And even for personal purposes don’t have a big interest in bodybuilding or powerlifting on an advance level anymore, my main interest as a workout is martial arts.

But 5-6 years ago I was a bodybuilding fan, and I believed that its a really cool sport, and being a trainer is an amazing job for life. And I spent a lot of time learning scientific sources of bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, etc.

But why did I disappointed in all of this?

First of all, bodybuilding and powerlifting are genetic sports. Fuck everyone who thinks that with great effort and tons of steroids you will be like Dorian Yates or Andy Bolton. You can eat 10K calories, have two hardcore workouts per day, sleep 12 hours per day, and use all steroids in the world, but if you don’t have a similar genetic, you’ll look much worse and be much weaker.

I have tiny bones structure, my wrist is only 16 centimeters (6.3 inches), and if you don’t have the strong skeleton, your muscles will look much smaller, and your power records couldn’t be the same as having more solid guys. My hormonal system is not outstanding too. My weight before I can to the gym as only 50.5 kilos (112 pounds). So, even my maximum shape was better than most of the people (because people mostly don’t go to the gym at all), but comparing to other experienced guys I was too small.

Regarding strength, I was quite strong on the maximum, but in my weight class most of the guys shorter limbs and lower high. And this is a huge advantage in powerlifting, because when you lift, press, or squat, your trajectory is much shorter.

Also, I saw my genetic limit (maybe 90-95% of it), and in my opinion, it’s not something amazing.

This reason could look not reliant, because it’s about my personal characteristics, not about the profession in general, but if you have titles or great impressive shape, it’s a huge plus for your career as a trainer.

Second, there are too many trainers, sometimes it looks like the number of instructors greater than clients. Yes, most of them know nothing, and their knowledge on the lowest existing level, but for gym visitors, who came for the first time absolutely impossible to realize that this trainer is a professional, and another is not.

Third, there is no secret method or technology, and most people who have some experience already know everything that they need to effective workout (thanks to Youtube and other free internet sources). You need an instructor only if you don’t know something, or came to the gym for the first time. And all these dozens of most effective. the secret, personal workout programs are 100% scam. It’s the method to gain some money for gym and instructor.

Fourth, great body mass and power are not directly related to your performance as a fighter. Yes, with a similar level of technique and experience more powerful and heavy guy will win. But even middleweight professional fighter will kick the ass of big guy without fight experience.

Fifth, your success as an instructor very depends on the administrator of the gym. If he (or most often she) doesn’t like you, you’ll have very few clients. Because most of the sales doing administrators, and they could have another instructor, which in their favorite.

And adding to the last point, in all bid gyms that I ever saw from the backend, a lot of plotters. And every day you’ll be in the atmosphere of competition with other instructors, and their friends (lovers) in the administration of the gym.

So, because of all written above, I decided to choose another career, which is not so harmful to my nerves and health, and feel freer.

P.S.: Yes, I know that there are some very successful trainers, but first of all, they are not everyone who says that they are (or why do they spent so much time doing courses for instructors instead of work with clients), and such instructors have some kind of innate talent to this.

P.S.S.: Yes, I know that crossfit also exists, and there your body mass and strength are not so crucial, and now my workouts in the gym, which I do on days when don’t have martial arts training, very similar to crossfit.

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