Donald Trump and his politics

Hi, everyone. For a long time, I didn’t make any statements about him and his politics, but now I think I have enough observations and want to say a few words.

In my opinion, videos with crying SJWs after Trump’s victory are extremely silly and spent a lot of time laughing at them. So, this is the first plus, he makes SJWs mad. And I want to talk about good and bad things about his presidency. And I want to mention that I’m not a USA citizen, and can talk only like an outside observer.

Let’s talk about bad things. First of all, he is a showman. All his rallies and speeches nothing else than shows. He is amazingly charismatic, but he is a showman. Because of that he often exaggerates and talking not a 100% truth.

Second, he is a cheater, whom all three wives were holes. And don’t forget his jokes about his daughter bubs and that he would fuck with her if she wasn’t his dougher. Yes, it’s his personal life. And it would be ok for some great businessman, but he is a president, the leader of the nation!

Third, he is rude. His language good for chief of police, military force, or loader crew. But he is a president.

Forth, his dictionary is poor. Even I, a non-native speaker can see how few words and expressions he repeats all the time. And he repeats it dozens of times during one speech.

Fifth, he left his allies in Siria. It’s bad, if he continues it, no one will belive USA military forces. Yes, it’s bad that USsolders die there, and I know that it’s one of his 2016 campaign promises, but Kurds dying now. And they were US allies for a long time.

Sixth, he trying to be a friend with dictators. North Korean, Chinese, Russian, and Saudi Arabia are dictatorships, and their leaders are fucking terrorists. It could look better to be friends with them than to compare. They are dangerous and it’s much more profitable to have diplomatic relations. But being a friend with such regimes makes you their accompany.

Seventh, he is not a very smart guy. If you heard his speeches, you already know it.

Eighth – he is not consistent. For example, if you saw his speeches about gun legislation after the last mass shooting, he changed his words at least three times.

These were negative aspects, now let’s talk about positive points.

First – as we talked before, he exposes all insanity of leftists. All of them, beginning of 35-years weirdos, that lives in the basement of their mam’s home, and didn’t work in their life, and ending with high-level professional politics, they behave like total idiots after each news about Trump. And even being a rude showman, he is a right polarising force to all these SJWs.

Second – he is a successful businessman, and because of that economically United States on the top right now. And I think it doesn’t need any explanations, it’s a fact.

Third – he trying to make his country safe. There are a lot of holes in the USA law system, and instead of Barack Obama, he did the best to fix them.

Forth – he is amazingly mentally tough. He experiencing pressure from everywhere all the time. And he always is ready to fight  It’s a very rare habit our days.

Fifth – he respects military, police, and all first responders. And he does all that he can to honor them.

Sixth – he is a patriot. It’s extremely rare thing today.

Seventh – he doesn’t think that he is some kind of elite, he behaves with other people how with equal.

So, what is my opinion about him? I don’t think that he is the best leader, but he is the best man for the job right now.

P.S.: He is not a racist if you believe that he is a racist, I have bad news for you, you are SJW, and the best way for you to do next, is to go and fuck yourself.

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