Joker (Review)

Hi, everyone. Two days ago I saw this movie. And this is the most impressive movie that I saw for a really long time. And this is the movie that SJWs hates. And because of that, it’s even more interesting.

First of all, I was very excited if Joaquin Phoenix can do this character as good as Heath Ledger, which got an Oscar after his death. Heath Ledger moved this role on the next level in “Dark Knight”, and in the opinion of majority viewers, it was genial performance. But, to be honest, Joaquin’s Joker is even more amazing. It could be because of director and writer of “Dark Knight”, which saw Joker as a terrorist, it could be because of the fact that Joker had only nearly 20 minutes of screen time from the movie that is more than 2 and a half an hour (“Dark Knight” is the movie about Batman, not Joker), but new Joker is much more developed and detailed character.

This movie looks as absolutely not comics-film. “Dark Knight” is a movie about a perfect hero, with amazing personal qualities, gazillions high-tech gadgets, and a great scope of action. This movie is a psychological thriller, about a man, who is different from the people around him. Because of that, he experiences cruelty from society. After he lost access to his treatment,  because of budget-saving in Gotham, his mental sickness takes over him.

He is not a terrorist, not a gangster boss like in other movies, he is a psycho. And he appears in the right place in the rich time to be a symbol of the riot. I don’t want to spoil the plot details, and because of that, I will not continue to talk about his story.

The only what I want to add, that this movie is perfect. Everything here is perfect: actors (Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best actors in the history of Hollywood, and here you can find other great actors), very stylish soundtrack (there you can even hear Garry Glitter, which was a star for not a long time), visual part (it’s real masterpiece), and great plot, which will leave you in thoughts.

Another interesting thing is that SJWs assholes trying to ban this movie because it’s too gory and could provoke violence (I think these snowflakes never saw really gory horrors). Even with the fact that this movie shows big capitalists as assholes, and explains crimes of Joker as the result of society, which are absolutely leftists ideology points, they hate this movie. And as always, the only what I can tell them: go and fuck yourself!

P.S.: Go and watch this film, it worth it.

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