Rambo: Last Blood (Review)

Hi, everyone. I finally saw this movie. And to be short, it proved everything that I thought before. But, let’s talk more detail about it.

Rambo is one of my childhood heroes, I’ve watched movies from Rambo series for the first time when I was 7 or even less. And I’m sure that for majority guys born in 80-90th he was one of the most likable kick-ass heroes. And this is the last movie about him, even if someone decides to make one more movie with another actor, it will be absolutely another John Rambo. In my opinion, only Sylvester Stallone can be Rambo.

I don’t want to spoil this film, and because of that, I’ll not write any plot details. The first part of the movie is quite long, before the main plot starts, but then when it starts, it’s an absolute hurricane. There is the same John Rambo, which can kill dozens of bad guys using his guerilla-skills.

This film is gory, and instead of 2-4th parts, which were action-movies, it’s looking more like a thriller, with drama elements. So, it’s the most similar film from the series to the first one. And it’s great. If you like good old-school movies with strong characters, go and watch it, if it still running in the movie. I think it’s not just a last film about John Rambo, it could be the last kick-ass character that Sylvester Stallone play.

P.S.: All SJW’s who farting on this great movie, go and fuck yourself.

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