Snowpiercer (review)

Hi, everyone. Just remind about this movie. And this is one of the most rememberable post-apocalyptic movies that I ever saw. Let’s talk about it.

I’m a big fan of post-apocalyptic movies and books. From my child years, I liked such movies as “Mad Max”, “Hard Wire”(1990), “Water World”, “Escape From New York”, “Twelve Monkeys”, and many others. And I try to not miss new post-apocalyptic movies and books.

Because I live in Europe, and my country is oriented on the USA culture, I don’t see a lot of Asia movies. But this one is so cool, that even Hollywood marked its greatness. This is not exactly Korean film, the Czech Republic took it part of the job, and the plot is based on French graphic novel, called “Le Trasperceneige” by Jacques Lob.

This is the first English-language movie of director Bong Joon-ho and the best (in my opinion) role of Chris Evans. Everything in this film is perfect, the plot, characters, visual part, work of actors and director, soundtrack, and dialogs. The visual part is especially cool, one scene is quite often pierced in my mind when rebels met guards with axes and night-vision devices.

It’s quite gory, and if you don’t like such movies, you shouldn’t watch it. But if you like good post-apocalyptic movies with the interesting and original plot, great visual part, and awesome atmosphere, go and watch it.

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