Bruce Lee and his legacy

Hi, everyone. Quentin Tarantino used Bruce Lee figure in his last movie, and in very unpresentable form. I didn’t see this movie, because I’m not interested in this film. But I found this particular scene, and I don’t like it too. And in my opinion, Quentin Tarantino is an idiot, who want to draw attention to his movie, and he knows that he showed lies about Bruce. But this story reminded me of Bruce Lee and his legacy.

I’m sure that you already know a lot about him, many real stories and many myths. There are a lot of Bruce’s fans, which belief in any bullshit about his super abilities, and how cool he was. If you have a critical mind, you already saw and read real explanations of those myths.

For example, a video with Bruce that play tennis using his nunchucks it’s fake video-advertising made by Nokia. And you can find in youtube some martial arts guys, which repeat tricks from Bruce’s documental videos. But in 60-70th years of the 20th century, his abilities were amazing, if you saw martial artists from this epoch. Martial arts movies before Bruce were made so bad, with so horrible fights and plots, that Bruce’s movies brought movie industry on the next level.

Talking about his martial arts, he was a first guy, who asked if all these thousands of martial arts style are really effective. And he tried to find the best and most effective techniques from all styles that he found.

There is a very popular version, that Bruce Lee is a father of MMA. Yes, Jitkun-do has a lot of similarities with MMA, but at the same time a lot of differences. The most markable difference is the principle, that there are no limits. And Jitkun-do it’s a style of fight, without rules. MMA has a lot of strict rules, and almost all fighters use almost the same list of techniques. You always recognize MMA-guy. And some top MMA fighters and champions said that if Bruce lives in our days, he would be an MMA champion. And I think they are telling true.

Bruce was a very gifted man, with his own philosophy, which learned martial arts from the best specialists of his time. And his style might be really great, but Bruce died too young. He was not a master, he was a very skilled fighter, with amazing physical abilities for his time, but he didn’t have enough time to develop his style. The only things that left it’s his notes and a few apprentices, which changed his ideas in their own manner.

P.S.: He wasn’t absolutely honest guy too, for example, he said in “Way of the Dragon” that his style is Kung-Fu, and Chinese styles are powerful. But if you have experience in martial arts you easy can see that techniques that Bruce use in this movie it’s Taekwon-do + Boxing and some elements of Wing Chun and Judo. In “Enter the Dragon” his style is very similar, but in this movie, his character is a Shaolin monk.

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