Movie adaptations of literature

Hi, everyone. This time I want to talk about screen adaptations of literature in general, not about a particular book. Quite often after the premier of a movie that base on literature origin fans began to complain that the book was better, that movie authors fucked up, etc. So, let’s think why is it happens?

I like some adaptations of books, they are not perfect, but in my opinion ok. But some I hate because they are absolutely horrible (in my opinion). What is the reason that some are good, some are not, and why the list of good/bad screen adaptations is different for different people?

First of all, in the book universe, an author can spend thousands of pages and many chapters of the book series for creating the character, his individuality. But when you make a movie, you have 1.5-2 hours for the whole story, in which you should not only present the plot, which usually much longer in the book original, but also build the main charter(s). This task is complicated.

But there is one more very important reason, which describes why some people like a movie, but others don’t. When you read the book, especially when you like what you read, your imagination already draws the whole world, all characters, their appearance, etc. And when you look at the movie adaptation, and characters or world looks different from what you expected, your imagination protests.

And if the imagination of movie authors were very similar to your’s, then in your opinion this screen adaptation is not so bad.

But sometimes authors of the movie are really stupid fucks, and they really fucked up.

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