Rambo 5: Last Blood – the art of exposing SJW assholes

Hi, everyone. Nearly a week ago a new part of Rambo series came out, and right after that all SJWs began to scream with their hight-castrate-soja voices, and fart on Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes, and other SJW-incubators. Let’s talk about this movie.

Rambo is not my favorite movie series, in my opinion, only the first part is really interesting (the only thing that I don’t like its differences with literature original), and if you like real gory action, a fourth part is not bad. This part I didn’t watch yet because I like to watch movies on original language (if I know this language), and DVD/Blue Ray versions come later than release for cinemas. But reading first reviews I believe that this movie is not very different to forth part. It’s a quick gory action with cool kick-ass character, which very difficult to find in today’s movies. Sylvester Stallone is one of the last actors/directors in Hollywood, who can make a good action movie, without liberal agenda and bullshit.

But the most interesting thing is the reaction from Hollywood critics and soja-boys on the internet. In our days you can’t make a movie with a white straight guy as a main character if you are worried about media reaction. Your character should be non-white-gay-transgender-teenager with a beard colored like a rainbow. And he should be against Trump, even if the US president is absolutely irrelevant to plot. And he has to love Mexican cartels.

This movie caused great butthurt all over the internet. How Mr. Stallone dared to show Mexican cartels as bad people, how he dares to show violence against them?

As we remember, CNN and other liberal media began to make videos about members of the ms-13 band, where they tried to show that this most violence band is not so bad, and their members are good guys. And it’s very simple to understand that they do it because Trump is against ms-13. Drug dealers are good guys, in their opinion.

I can understand if you don’t like this movie because of its actor’s job, or plot holes, or technical issues, etc. (I not sure yet which problems could be in this movie, because I didn’t see it yet). But if you hate it because in your opinion it offensive and you believe that this movie is propagated Trump politics, go and fuck yourself. You are a useless piece of liberal crap.

P.S.: I’ll watch this movie as soon as it appears on Google Play Movie or similar service, and suggest you do the same or see this movie in the cinema (we should support such movies, or such cinematography will disappear)

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