Jochen Althoff – Killing and Being Killed: Bodies in Battle

Author: Jochen Althoff
Country: Germany
Genre: Documentary/History
Publication date: September 2017
Pages: 272

I’ve taken this book for reading during the travel (I was preparing to travel, which took 9 hours in one direction). And I didn’t know exactly what about this book. The title looked interesting to me. But this book impressed me, in a good sense.

The author, Jochen Althoff is a professor of Classical Philology / Greek Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Deputy Speaker of the DFG Research Training Group «Early Concepts of Man and Nature». And this book is written in a scientific manner, without speculations and exaggerations.

The author made a great work, by searching and systematization of the amazing amount of sources. It includes all classical sources, beginning from ancient times, ending renaissance. Also, you can find very detail literature list, which you can check if you are interested in the subject.

The book is written in accessible literature language, and it reads easy. The main subject of the book is physical training of warriors from different periods of history, and typical injuries, that they experienced during fights and competitions. Also, there you can find the most common types of tortures, that were used at different times in different countries in Europe.

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