Ilovaisk 2014. Batalyon Donbas (movie review)

Hi, everyone. This time I have the honor to write a review for the movie that made in my country. And it means that this movie is really cool (I make reviews for movies that rocks or for amazingly sucks movies).

This is the movie based on the real history of the battle for Ilovaisk (a small town nearly Donetsk, Ukraine) during Donbas war. One of the most interesting things that one of the main characters was played by not a professional actor, but by a real prototype of the character, Taras Kostanchuk commander of the battalion “Donbas” played himself in this movie.

When Ukraine was the most vulnerable, right after the revolution of 2014 (Revolution of Dignity), without the President and army, Russia attached breaking all international agreements. First, they annexed Crimea, then they tried to chop off 8 regions from Ukraine, by creating peoples republics, which had to join the Russian Federation. But the second part was unsuccessful in most regions, except for Donetsk and Lugansk.

And when the country was in great trouble, squads of volunteers came to the regions where was war. There was regular army too, but during those days the army was disorganized, and most of the battles were fought by brave people, most of which bought weapons and supplies for their own costs.

One of such squads came to Ilovaisk, a small town but at the same time extremely important checkpoint of Donbas region, which was captured by pro-Russian terrorists. When the situation was near to victory, Russia sent their regular army to help rebel forces. Ukrainian squads have consisted mostly of non-professional warriors, and they had much less heavy military technique.

Because of betrayal of high army command and president, who instead of sending reinforcement to surrender patriots, made a great military parade the main square of Kyiv, our heroes were trapped. They were surrounded by an enemy, who was more prepared to war, had much better weaponry, and had much more troops.

They tried to do the best to not let the enemy the territory, but their forces were almost exhausted. And after almost 4 weeks of fights, the president informed that he agreed with Russian side that they will let Ukrainian forces to leave Ilovaisk if they surrender the city.

But you can’t believe the Russian army or Russian president, especially if they are your enemies. When Ukrainian forces were on the road, Russian began firing from artillery from the back. Almost all guys were killed, some were captured and then killed.

In the movie the betrayal was shown more soft, some facts missed but watching this movie you can see the basic truth about those days. The movie shot professionally, and I can say that Ukrainian cinematography has grown during the last few years. It’s not a Hollywood, but really good made.

It’s one of the best movies that I saw for the last few months.

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