Star Wars bullshit

Hi, everyone. I didn’t anything about Disney movies and Star Wars in particular for a very long time until I checked some updates two weeks ago, and I wrote all my thought about all their new project in the article. But not a long time ago I’ve checked some news about the new episode of Star Wars.

This part of the story makes J.J Abrams, who not so good director, but much better than degenerate  Rain Johnson. And this is good news, in my opinion (even thou that Johnson is still in Lukas Film). And on this one thing, all good news ends.

What the fuck is Emperor Palpatine doing there? Didn’t he die at the end of 6th episode? Yes, I know that in expending universe there were clones of him, and there were more stories with him. But didn’t Lucas Film tell us to forget about old characters and focus on new ones?

Why on the poster toy instead of Ian McDiarmid? You can check it if you don’t believe in such insanity.

Why Kailo Ren is not the main villain? Yes, he is one of the worst villains in the movie history, but didn’t he possessed as the main bad guy in the previous two episodes?

This movie is total thrash, it’s hard to imagine, but it looks like it will be even worse than previous disastrous 8th episode. And I sure, that I will not go to the cinema to see this bullshit. Star Wars ended in 2005 with 3rd episode.

P.S.: Are interested in Obi-One series, where probably he will be a pink-bearded muslim transgender?

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