Ashen Domination III Fest

Hi, everyone. A week ago I’ve been on the black metal festival “Ashen Domination III”. I know that it was not so recently, but I didn’t have enough time to make an article about that.

This event took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, 7th of September in the Monteray club. There were 5 black metal bands, and the most interesting band for me, Kroda. I’ve waited for their live show for more than 9 months. If you don’t know this band, this is one of the best Ukrainian metal bands, their style could be characterized as atmospheric black/folk metal. This video will be useful if you want to know how good their live performances.

A few words about technical aspects, everything was good, except for sound. From a technical point, the sound was crappy. Each band tried to fix the sound during the concert, and even at the end sound was below average. I’ll upload my videos from Kroda performance, I have videos for each of their tracks.

Other bands on this fest: Raventale (atmospheric black metal), Severoth (depressive black metal), Barkasth (black metal), and Ezkaton (depressive black metal).

I’ve found Eisenslav, vocalist of Kroda within a crowd, during performances of other bands. And he is an awesome guy, very friendly and without any kind of arrogance. Also, there were two members of Motanka band, if you not for the first time here, you already know them.

In general, this fest was good, Kroda has had two times more time than other bands, which was very pleasurable for me. I’ll be uploading all their live tracks on my Youtube channel.

P.S.: Soon there will be a new category, look for updates.

Kroda official website:
Kroda official Instagram:


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