New Disney films

Hi, everyone. For some time, more than a year I think, I didn’t watch any updates about new Disney movies. Because they buy every interesting picture universe and transform it into SJW crap. And a few days ago I’ve looked at some reviews and news from Hollywood, and I have some things that I want to talk about.

So, I heard some news about “Captain Feminism” (or Captain Marvel), saw “Black Panther” (which was not a bad film, if it would be not a political propaganda), but after the seventh episode of Star Wars I don’t give a shit about their production (I didn’t watch it, but I glad that “Solo” failed).

Well, what kind of movies they do? New film versions of “Alladin”, “Mulan”, “Mermaid”, “Dambo” and “Lion King” (which, I sure, are total crap), “Toy Story 4”, “Frozen 2”, “Maleficent 2”, “Indiana Jones 5”, and ow course “Star Wars: Episode 9”. Nothin original at all, only sequels and adaptations of other products.

And I was surprised to know that soon we’ll see two new Star Wars shows, first about Obi-Wan, second “Mandolorian”. They even want to make a TV-series or movie about Dart Revan, Dart Malak and other characters from SWKOTOR game.

I’ve used to be a Star Wars fan, but I don’t care about it, at all. Even thou that KOTOR is my favorite PC game of all times. Because Disney destroys everything that they torching. They even hired two idiots that made the finale of “Game of Thrones” total disaster, to be sure that it gonna be shit. The more property they buy the more shit they will create.

And I know that I’m not alone, I don’t see any interest of new Star Wars movies from anyone. They destroyed the most popular and successful universe in the history of cinema.

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