UFC-1 conspiracy

Hi, everyone. Today we’ll talk about martial arts, the tournament “The Ultimate Championship” in particular, especially about first few tournaments.

If you are interested in the world of martial arts, and in fight tournaments, probably you already read/heard/seen about that. Ex-UFC commentator said about the first UFC tournament, and about the arrangement of this event by Gracie family. As you know, the first two tournaments were won by Royce Gracie. And he looked absolutely invulnerable during these fighting nights. And these tournaments were beginning not for the most popular fighting tournament these days, but also of the popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, that is the family-style of Gracie family (interesting fact that their family never learned Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, their family tradition began from Japanese Judo master Mitsuyo Maeda, who was the teacher of Carlos Gracie. So, technically, BJJ is not a Jiu-Jitsu at all, it’s Gracie version of Judo).

And according to Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, who was a commentator on these events, the championship planned as a big advertisement of Gracie’s school from the beginning. You can watch the full interview on Jesse Enkamp youtube channel. They picked up everything: fighters, rules, the shape of the fighting area. And there are a few interesting moments left. First of all, if Gracie’s Jiu-Jitsu is the best and deadliest martial art in the world, why did Royce Gracie began to use the kicking technique on his latest fights, like here for example? And according to witnesses, Royce was chosen by the family as the most suitable from their family for such competition, and he spent a lot of time by fighting with kickers, to learn what are the weakest places in the defense of kickers, how to enter to the short distance to such fighters, etc. So, his opponents were in the defeat position from the beginning, they never fought with the fighter with such a technique, but he was specially trained on how to use his skills in the best way.

P.S.: I think that even with all these, not very fare advantages Royce Gracie is an amazing fighter, but not the vest of all times, and using very similar method (training especially for the fight with particular technique), Harold Howard destroyed Royce on UFC-3.

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