Forndom – Flykt (EP) (2015) review

Artist: Forndom
Genre: Dark Ambient/Neofolk/Dark Folk
Country: Sweden
Label: Nordvis Produktion
Type: Full-length album
Format: CD, EP, Reissue
Release date: 29 January 2016

For the last time becoming harder and harder to find an album to make the review about.  The music business in general continues it’s “development” in the direction of cloning similar artists, with faceless music. But this particular artist doing everything in another way.

This is one of the best musical projects in such genres as ambient, neofolk, dark folk, etc. An atmosphere of this album reminds about Vikings, Scandinavian myths, paganism. According to H.L.H. Sward’s words (the only band member and author of all lyrics and music), the main purpose of Forndom project is to prevent people from forgetting their pre-christian times, spirit and beliefs.

This music is the best soundtrack for any movie about Vikings times. This music includes big influents of a ritual part. Lyrics include philosophy of L. Swärd and his views. The music is very minimalistic but very memorable. And this music will be interesting for everyone who likes nordic music and culture.

P.S.: You can find this album on the official Bandcamp page of the project.

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