Ukrainian bands, that deserves your attention

Hi, everyone. Starting to think in the direction of 5(10) things that really matter, I realized that I never did the review of Ukrainian bands, that I can advice. So, here it is.

As in the previous article, this is not a top or chart in any case, and if the band is higher, that doesn’t mean that this is the best of all. All of them are very different, and I can’t rate them in the same metric.


I’ve already written about them many times, and if you here not for the first time, you already know them and seen them live. This is Ukrainian folk/pagan metal/rock band, with an awesome atmosphere. They are already known in western Europe, after Wacken 2018. All guys are great musicians and singers, and their texts are very similar to native Slavic songs.


This is black/death metal band, their songs and visual part are about the First World War. They know not in Ukraine only, often they perform on the different Europian metal festivals. Their last album “The Blind Leading The Blind” released at the beginning of the year, on the Napalm Records. Their songs will immerse in the atmosphere of the hopelessness of trenches.


This is hardcore/nu-metal band, and their songs are pure hate and aggression. They are not so known in the western world, but their band already exists for 20 years. As always for hardcore bands, their songs mostly about social issues and personal problems, that everyone creates for himself.


This is one of the best black/folk/pagan metal bands that I ever heard. As some bands that I’ve mentioned before, they are known in Europe and have more live shows there than in Ukraine (because metal bands in our country can’t earn enough for living money). Their atmosphere is amazing, their live performances are great, and as a musician, they are high-level professionals.

Nokturnal Mortum

Veterans of Ukranian metal scene, one of the founders of Ukrainian black metal scene, they began in 1994. They changed their sound during all these ears, from death metal to black metal, then they added Ukrainian folk music to the black metal sound, played NSBM, and now they sound more like a pagan metal band. They are known in the western countries and their songs include patriotic lyrics.

Hate Forest

This is black metal/dark ambient band, that existed from 1995 till 2004, and in this year gathered again. They have a lot of common with the previous band. They are from the same city (Kharkiv),  they were one of the first Ukrainian black metal bands, and they began their music carrier in the first part of 1990 s’. The band was not active during 15 years, and this year they gathered again and performed on the Metal East: Nove Kolo Festival.


This is nu-metal/groove metal band with female vocal. They are well-known in Europe, they played on the same stage with Arch Enemy, Cradle Of Filth, Amorphis, and Soilwork. I don’t like such music, but this band is really good in their style. And I proved that they are from my country.

The Hardkiss

This band is absolutely not what I listening to, but as one of the most professional music band, that is known outside of Ukraine, they great example. This is the pop-rock/synthpop band, with a fashion component. This is a very high-quality musical product.

Space of Variations

This is a metalcore band, and as previous two, I don’t listen to them. But they are good in their style, they are gifted musicians, doing high-quality musical material, and sounds good live. The only problem why they are not famous is because their style was on the top 6 years ago, and now there are very few metalcore fans.


ONUKA is an electro/folk band. They mix electronic sound with classic folk instruments. I don’t know much about them, but I know that they perform live with folk orchestra.


Ukrainian power metal band, formed in 1996. Their sound is quite similar to Helloween (period of “Keeper of the Seven Keys”), but they are not just a “Ukrainian version of Helloween”. They create power metal not worse than Europian bands, but because of the miserable situation of such music genres in the country, they are not well-known.

P.S.: This is not all interesting bands from Ukraine, some bands are already split up, some I don’t know, and some I forget. But I’m sure that this list is worth for attention.

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