5 YouTubers that do really useful content

Hi, everyone. I’ve planned to do a top-5 of youtube channels, but all these channels are so different in their thematic that I can’t rate on any scale. So, these are channels that I watch regularly, and I believe are deserve to have more subscribers.

As I mentioned, there will be only channels with useful content, so there you’ll not find Pewdiepie (but I think he is a great guy and deserves all his subscription base) or movie trailer channels. Of course, I watch some entertaining channels, especially when I’m tired, but I try to do my best to spend my time on only useful things and information. And unfortunately “ThuleanPerspective” channel was deleted (personal Varg Vikernes channel), I would add it here.

  1. Jordan B Peterson  – this is the channel of Jordan B Peterson, amazing psychology professor, who trying to help all young people to live in today’s leftist’s historical world, and how to have a happy life in today’s insane high-tech infantile society. And he has a lot of very interesting podcasts and useful information that could improve your mental health.
  2. Jocko Podcast – the channel of ex-marine, a veteran of Iraq war, author of “Extreme Ownership” and other great books, Jocko Wilink. His channel has quite a similar effect as previous, but his main idea is to develop a responsible ownership person. Once per week (as usual) he records a podcast with some person that is an example of responsibility, self-awareness, and strong personality (mostly ex-military guys).
  3. Ramsey Dewey – this is the channel of mix martial arts coach and ex-fighter Ramsey Dewey. He was no very impressive fighter, and his personal record is not outstanding, but his channel will be useful for non-professional fighters (I believe that all professional fighters already know all those things). And you can don’t like him as a fighter, but he is a good coach and know about contact sport a lot. And the most useful part of his channel – video answers on subscribers questions. I’ve addressed a question in the past too.
  4. RealLifeLore – this is a scientific channel, it present facts from different areas of science in a very easy and interesting way, with schematic animation. All videos are short, and you’ll not bore till the end of the video.
  5. ATHLEAN-X – the best fitness channel (in my opinion). Physical therapist and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere is a great specialist in sport science, and he always has something useful to share. All his facts are from the last scientific studies and his own experience. And he has the best natural shape that I ever saw (especially impressive for the guy of his age).

P.S.: I didn’t add here some channels, because they are more specific or entertainment, but I want to mention some of them. Canguro English is the best channel for learning English that I ever saw. Alessio Rastani – the most useful channel for traders and all who interesting in the stock market. PowerfuljRE – is the channel of Joe Rogan, there you can find a lot of fun things and sometimes very interesting personalities.

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