About contact sport styles (MMA, Boxing, etc.)

Hi, everyone. Looking internet, I see that a lot of MMA club, and every month the number is bigger and bigger. Let’s talk about trends in contact sport/martial arts.

First of all, I want to mention MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is not a particular style of martial arts, it’s a type of contact sports events, that takes place according to the list of rules. And there are a lot of fighters who are adepts of Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, and other styles. And in the octagon, they look very similar, because there is the same list of rules. It’s not unique, the most effective technique, it’s just a rule that makes them fight in the same manner.

All this hype about MMA is very similar to the popularity of Karate in 1970-s’, ninja hype in 1980-s’, Kickboxing in the late 1980-s’ begining1990-s’. And in 5-10 years at least half of MMA coaches will change their signboards to something else, that will be popular in that time.

So, what is the main purpose of this article? The main article is if you want to be a sportsman, want to have medals, cups, titles, and you don’t care about your health, you should train in MMA/BJJ/Muay Thai gyms. But don’t think that you’ll be a great fighter on the street. Check Youtube, if you don’t believe, how someone kickass of MMA fighters, or how someone killed MMA fighter by knife, of how BJJ fighters were beaten.

If we talk about the knife, that even 10 degrees BJJ black belt will be killed on the street, if someone attacks him by knife (if the guy who attacks is not a total idiot). There is no martial art, that could work against a knife, without other knife or different weapon. With a gun, this situation is even worst. And if you see some guy in the military cloth, that teaches some kind of deadly/secret/real-life martial art, from special forces, that used by elite killers, this guy is bullshiter, and his style is crap.

But why sport styles are bad for your health? Well, I’ll tell you about my experience. I trained in the Muay Thai gym, and during all my experience in this style, I’ve got a lot of injuries, one injury per month on average. I’ve tried to train in MMA gym, succumbing to trends. Their trainer teaches that it is not bad to miss headshots, and there was even exercise when one guy stand and his sparring partner punch him in the face. It looks like they don’t afraid to get concussion of the brain, and they don’t care what will be with their head in 5-10 years

Also, I’ve tried to train in the Sambo gym. I trained there only a month and got an injury (the displacement of the meniscus with ligament rupture). And I’ve got it because from the first training all their students beginning to sparring, full contact sparrings. And even if you don’t know how to fall properly (how to insure yourself from injuries when your partner trowing you), you’ll be fighting. During this month I saw 3 more injuries, such as broken bones, concussion of the brain, etc. And when I got my injury, after which I wasn’t able to train for 2 months, I decided that it will be more useful if I leave this gym (yes, this gym is on the top of the world’s rating, going to all championships in all weight classes, and their guys take at least 1 medal in each weight class. But training there you should forget about your health).

So, what I’m trying to tell you, all sport styles are made for sports competitions, and all sports coaches trying to prepare as many champions as they can, and they don’t care how many people they will cripple during this process. If you don’t have a dream to be a champion, you don’t need this.

P.S.: You can ask, why did I mention BJJ? It’s because with MMA hype most of the people believe that BJJ is the most effective style for the street. Yes, it’s the most effective style for MMA rules, but if you’ll be fighting in parter on the street, and there are more then one enemy, other guys will play soccer with your head.

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