About Texas and Ohio terrorist attacks

Hi, everyone. I’m sure that all of you are aware of these cases, all news networks and websites talking about that, hoping to have more traffic. And because of that, they try to do their best to come up with the most shocking headlines and theories. And this article about this bullshit.

As usual, SJW-factory called CNN, trying to blame all white straight guys, who wotted for Trump, as potential terrorists (what different do we can expect from these bullshiters?). According to their rhetoric, you should restrict all weapons, become socialists, and everything will be perfect.


Fox News, that every day talking about fake news, talking that pc games are blamed for such incidents! Well, using the same thinking process, social networks are making people terrorists.


Why should we find the real reason for this? Just check what between legs of the killer, whom he fuck, what color of his skin, or which kind of pc games he played, and here is the new popular headline.


And why no one is talking about Ohio case, where one of the victims was the sister of the shooter? Maybe, just maybe he is a psycho, and no matter whom he fuck, what between his legs, and what the color of his skin? Maybe it’s just a mental issue?

Fuck people, try to use your own mind. I’m not blaming that USA health care organization doing a bad job, but if you don’t want to see such cases in further, you should work with the mental health sector, trying to find potential shooters. And even if there will be no guns, such a person will take a car and hit as many people as he can, or will take a knife and do the same. So what, all cars and knives should be abandoned?


P.S.: WordPress, your new editor is absolute crap.

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