“Faine Misto 2019” festival

Hi, everyone. One week ago I was travel to another city, to the big festival. And here I’ll leave some main things about this even and the journey in general.

The fest was established in 2013 and took place each year. But all previous festivals were not so interesting for me, but this time the line up was good enough to go through the half of the country. In the line up were: Eluveitie, Arch Enemy, Avatar, Rage, Powerwolf, 1914, Motanka, and many other bands (this year there were a lot of metal bands).

There were 3 big stages (Dark Stage, Main Stage, and Light Stage), and 4 or even more small. Basically, the festival included different styles of music (there was even Raggie Stage). Also, for people who tired of music, there were different activities and chill-out zones. And because of the very affordable tickets price (for such level event), there were a lot of people.

And it is absolutely impossible to see even a third of bands because all stages work at the same time. I saw almost all the bands that I wanted, but because of schedule breakdowns, those were every day of the festival, I didn’t see a few bands.

Another problem with the festival was a very difficult situation with the buses to the festival (the festival took place out of the city, in the countryside). There were very few buses, all of them were filled with people, and local taxi drivers carried at least a third of visitors to the event. And because of many cars, there was a great traffic jam nearly the festival.

And the sound on some bands was below average (sometimes even sucks).

But there were much more positive sights than negative. For example, there was opportunity to make a photo with almost all bands from the line up.

So, in my opinion, this was a really great festival for such a small city as Ternopil. And I want to say a few words about the city. Ternopil is not a big city, with a total population a quite about 200,000, and when there is so huge even, there coming so many people, compared to native citizens, that you can see nonresidents everywhere (and I’m sure that without all these masses of people the city is even more beautiful and cozy.

The city of Ternopil is amazing, it is so clean, beautiful, and quiet, that I’m sure that I’ll go there even if it was the last festival there. People of Ternopil are great, I didn’t see any rude person during five days that I was there. And the local service is on a much higher level than in any other place where I ever been.

P.S.: I’ll upload some videos from the festival on the Youtube channel of this blog.

P.P.S.: The new WordPress interface is sucks.

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