Is rock(metal) dead?

Hello, everyone. If you don’t want to read a long article – no, it will never die until humanity has electric energy and listening to music. If you have enough time to read, then continue in this article.

Well, I’m sure that everyone noticed that there is no real rock or metal music on the main music charts, on music radio stations, or on such musical channels like MTV (no, such bands like Bring Me the Horizon or 21 pilots are not real rock or metal, it’s just a pop music with some guitar sound). And for young people, it could look like rock died.

First of all, such a thing already happened, if you’ll check music from the first half/middle of 90th, there’re a lot of such styles as Britpop, Cyberpunk, Skate punk, and other. And all these genres called “rock” in the media. And, according to my memory, 95% of people listened to techno, Europop, different sub-genres of electronic music, hip-hop, pop, etc. I’m sure that you even remember such Marilyn Manson’s song as “Rock is Dead”. But during 90th were created almost all best black/death/doom/gothic metal, grindcore and industrial albums. So, really good bands from extreme genres were in underground and only real connoisseurs listened to it.

In my opinion, all styles have very similar stages of development. All genres born in the underground (not rock only, jazz was a music of ghetto and gangster bars). Then one artist/band becoming a great star, and everyone talking about them (Elvis, The Beatles, Sex Pistols, etc.). During the next stage dozens of young musicians trying to play like this “star” (just check how many hair metal bands were at the end of 80th). And all these low-quality copies destroying this genre, making it mainstream.

But then, only real fans continue to listen to it, and only real professionals playing it (check today’s rockabilly bands, all these young teenagers from 50th are dead or very old people, but some young musicians are continuing to develop this genre, and most of them doing it great).

So, now we at the stage when everyone sick of gazillions mainstream metal bands, and waiting for the new subgenre, that will come from underground.

P..S.: These days I prefer to listen to today’s non-metal bands because there’re hundreds of rappers that making more interesting and harsh music than rock/metal bands from radio and TV (I think it is funny to see a guy with long hair in the gym, that doesn’t listen to all these rock/metal tracks that sound in the gym, but listen to underground rap on the headphones).

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