Heterophobia and oppression against white people

Hi, everyone. I didn’t write anything here for a long time, again. This is quite a busy summer. But I have something to say.

I’m sure that if you live in the big city outside of the muslim world you know that this week is the week of the freak show, called “Pride parade”. And this is a freak show not only because only freaks are coming there, but because there you’ll see a lot of useless people that hung around by giant dildos of different sizes, with naked asses, with hair of pink/red/green/violet/ and other colors. And there even 80-years old weirdest that screaming that they doing right things when going with naked butts at the day time in front of children.

And also, all these “people” are fucking sexists. If you don’t believe check their posts and articles in liberal media about “Streight pride” in Boston. This is a true example of sexism.

I don’t promote the extermination of all lgbt members, but they went too far with their propaganda. Now about the oppression of white people.

Whites are the only race that couldn’t be proud of themselves. You can walk wearing a t-short “Kill all cops”, “Kill all whites”, “Black pride”, etc. But if you’ll try to wear some cloth with “White pride” symbolic or slogan, cops will take you. And the worth thing that all these stupid laws were created by white people. We are living in the world of George Orwell “1984” and reverse racism.

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