Motanka – Motanka (2019) review

Artist: Motanka
Genre: Folk/Pagan/Alternative Metal
Country: Ukraine
Label: Napalm Records
Type: Full-length album
Format: CD
Release date: 7th of June, 2019

I’ve waited for this, this is my coolest discovery this year. Folk metal from Ukraine that plays on such a level. I’ve already was two times on their live performances this year, going to the third and it really could be not a limit.

I’ve already written about them before, and I think will be in the future. But let’s back to the album, this album released a few days ago, but I was traveling, and get it only yesterday night. I’ve bought in on Napalm Records, and wish you to support these guys by purchasing their album too (I know that they are not wealthy at all).

If you looking for my updates, I already posted some of their live performances, and you already know that they are awesome, when they play live. Their music includes traditional Ukrainian (but in my opinion not only Ukrainian but overall Slavic) musical instruments, folklore, myths, vocal technics, pre-christian Slavic believes, and mix it with modern rock/metal sound. Even the word “Motanka” is the traditional rag doll, the purpose of which is protection from adversities.

Their visual part includes a lot of old Slavic elements from the past, and their texts filled with Slavic heritage. They are very high-level professional musicians and vocalists (all four of these guys are singing),

There are only three things that I don’t really like, first that the label forced them to translate some of their songs on English. Their songs on Ukrainian sounds much better. The second – they sound cooler when they playing live, studio equipment can’t translate their energy to the digital file. And the last one, it looks like label and sound specialists didn’t understand that there are no main and back vocalists like in the classical Europian understanding, in Slavic folk music when many vocalists sing at the same time they should sound with the same level of loudness (it’s traditional style of singing, as a choir). And they decreased the volume of other guys like it is back vocal. If you saw some live videos, all guys sing with the same loudness.

You can buy this album on Napalm Records if you want to have a CD version or digipack, or if you want to download it in a file version, you can do it on the official Bandcamp page of the band.

P.S.: I started to upload live videos from performances where I saw them on my Youtube channel, check it if you are interested, there will be much more.

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