The most effective martial art in the world 2

Hi, everyone. Yesterday, after I published the last article I realized that I didn’t add some thoughts, and this second part will contain them.

In yesterday’s post, I almost didn’t mention Chinese styles. Well, there are thousands of styles in China, even the same style could be quite different in different parts of the country. But almost all these styles non-practical, because of the same reasons as Tae Kwon Do or Karate, but on a much bigger scale. And I talking not about Thai Chi or other styles that Chinese people practice for health. There is a sport version of Wushu, that practiced by hundred thousands of people, and this style doesn’t include any kind of contact.

Styles from movies, such as Monkey, Mantis, Tiger, or gazillions of others, much less effective than any Karate style. You can see proof here. Because these styles spend a lot of time to practice imitation of animal (or drunk guy). And as always, adepts of these styles will tell you that they are so deadly, that they scare to kill you (because they will wrest your yeas, balls, or Adam’s apple). Such styles are good only for movies.

One more separate style is Wushu Sanda. This is a real contact sport, with full-contact competitions. This is not a special school with strict technic, there you can see elements of many different styles. It looks very similar to Muay Thay, but with more different technics for take-downs, and some technics from Tae Kwon Do. It’s an example of contact style that has traditional roots, but with real effective combat technic, as I mentioned when writing about Tae Kwon Do, and how effective will t be if there will be rules similar to Muay Thai and professional Boxing.

Legendary Shaolin school is not traditional at all, because when the temple was burned, almost all buildings were destroyed, and almost all the monks were killed. If we will look at medieval images on the walls of the temple, we will that today’s styles are completely different. Today’s Shaolin is more like a gimmick for tourists, where you can see tricks, beautiful shows, amazing physical exercises, etc. Probably the most similar to old Shaolin technic is traditional Okinawa Karate.

Now, about mixed styles. Combat Sambo is a good example, there you can find technics from Judo, Wrestling, Karate, Boxing, and many other styles. Now, what is the problem in this style? The very big problem that there is no exact technic, every master will teach you another technic, even for the same elements. And it’s not all, every advanced specialist will add to his arsenal elements from different styles, that he likes, and his Sambo will look absolutely different. And it’s not a fact that personal technic of your trainer will be good for you and your body.

Another thing is when you trying to learn many different technics, you can’t be really skilled in any separate of them. You’ll lose wrestling fight against a wrestler, professional puncher will kick your ass in kickboxing fight, etc.

One more problem that such styles very depend on your physical strength, and when you’ll be 50+ years old, another guy 25 years old, much less skilled, but much stronger, will kick your ass. And the biggest problem, almost all adepts of such styles don’t have enough skills of correct movements in the fight. In such styles, you start to fight before you’ll learn any technic on a sufficient level. And very often guys lose not because they can’t kick or how to do take-down, but because they don’t know how to walk during the fight, don’t have enough basic skills. I think it’s because people who come to such styles what to learn everything as fast as possible, and they reduce the time for drill basic technics. When I came to Sambo gym, I began to combat from the second training (and I’m sure that you already know that I knew nothing from grappling). And it could be a problem too because you can be injured from the beginning, and stop your training.

And the last problem is many injuries, much more than in any more classical style. Injuries happen so frequently, that if your trainer, not idiot he already has ice compress and other things for first aid in the gym.

And one interesting fight, if you’ll check technics from old school Karate (not sport branches), you’ll see that there is no kicking technics, as most of the people think, there many take-downs, grabs, throws, grips, etc. So, Karate is a complex style too, if you train not for sports competition with strict rules.

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