5 movies from 2018-2019 that really worth your time

Hi, everyone. It’s not my usual theme, and I’m not a movie critick, but I recently saw some interesting movies, that left some impressions (and it’s a really rare thing in our days because 99% movies are absolute crap).

  1. “Mandy”, psychedelic horror, 2018
    A very interesting non-mainstream horror movie with Nicolas Cage (yes, he backed from crappy movies). Amazing film, with non-trivial visual part, atmosphere, and interesting plot. It’s like if “Hellrazer” was created by David Lynch. I didn’t see anything like that before, even with low tempo first half and more than 2-hours screentime it’s not boring.
  2. “Upgrade”, cyberpunk action, 2018
    The non-typical sci-fi movie, about the near future, with an absolutely unpredictable plot, and quite bloody moments.  The story is about the guy, who doesn’t like all new gadgets and tools, that changed the lives of people and really appreciates old school lifestyle.  But when some assholes killed his wife and made him paralyzed disabled, he agreed to be experimental for new technology, an implant artificial intelligence STEM, that gives superhuman power and abilities. And he began his investigation.
  3. “Hellboy”, action, 2019
    Hellboy is one of my favorite comics characters, and after “Hellboy 2” 2008, I was not satisfied, because the second film with Ron Perlman was too child-oriented. But this movie is great, and fuck all critics, who destroyed this movie in their reviews. This is a funny, bloody, very fast action film with an R rating.
  4. “The mule”, crime drama, 2018
    One more awesome movie from Clint Eastwood. Almost all movies with old Clint are mater, old-school westerns, Dirty Harry serious, and movies where he was a director (“Million dollar baby” and “Gran Torino” are a real masterpiece). And, as always, Clint gives a fuck about your politics and other liberal crap (I also enjoy to watch interviews with Clint). The movie is about 90-years old badass horticulturist, Korean war veteran, who takes a job opportunity, to be “mule” transporting cocaine through Illinois for a Mexican drug cartel.
  5. “First man”, biography drama, 2018

    This is the film based on the real story of Neil Armstrong, one of the three astronauts, that flighted to the Moon in 1969. Space is one of my interests, but this movie is interesting not only because it’s about real space travel, that happened in the past. This is a really good drama, with excellent actors and visual part.

    P.S.: I watch the movie not so frequent, and it could be that I missed some awesome film, but these five is really worth your time.

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