“Pid pokrivom trizubu” Ukrainian fest

Hi, everyone. On the last weekend, I was on the Ukrainian cultural and musical festival, near Kyiv. And I want to tell a few words about it.

Even the fact that in Ukraine we can make such festivals is really cool because in our neighbors’ countries Russia and Belorussia any kind of nationalistic events prohibited. This event took place in Boyarka, near Kyiv. It’s a really small town, most of the houses are one store private houses (like in the countryside). But there is a very quiet atmosphere, people are benevolent and friendly (most of them), beautiful landscapes. Also, in my opinion, their administration doing their work well, because there is much cleaner than in the capital, and there are some things that I didn’t see there (like free boxing gym under the sky, and talking traffic light for blind people).

The fest was organized by nationalistic organizations, such as “Trizub” and “Praviy Sector”, and others. “Pid pokrivom trizubu” translates from Ukrainian as “Under the cover of trident” (Trident is the coat of arms of Ukraine). There were traditional arts, traditional crafts, traditional Ukrainian food, martial arts, historical and philosophical discussions, shooting with a bow and crossbow, musical concert, and different activities for children.

This event continued for two days, and there were more than 15 musical collectives. But the most interesting was “Motanka” band (I’ve written about them here before). They are amazing every time, this is not music only, this is some kind of spiritual practice from Slavic heritage. I’ll upload some videos from this event to the Youtube channel soon.

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