Facebook and other totalitarian social media

Hi, everyone. I’m sure that you already know that silicon valley is not the land of IT companies, but the land of leftists, that control almost all visible internet media. But over time, their radicalism becoming worse and worse.

The first totally controlled by leftists is Tweeter. It’s total garbage, if you want to tell your opinion about feminism, left politics, terrorist organizations like “Black lives matter”, or write that you agree with Alex Jones, Trump, or Dr. Jordan Piterson, you will be immediately blocked. Other social media, such as Facebook and Instagram were not so radical but had the same ideology. Also, such service as Youtube and even Google are their “comrades”.

But last month Facebook became so left, that looks like a social media from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. If your opinion does not suit with an ideology of platform you’ll be terminally deleted. You’ll receive a letter with a huge list of terms and conditions, but without exact reason of blocking your account. And when you’ll try to ask explanations from the Facebook support, they will ignore you.

All social media say that their main goal is to provide free space for communication. And at the same time they blocking you if you dare to have your own opinion. How interesting!

And if you’ll try to create really free social media, without any politics, such global giants will smash you (all big search engines will not index your resource, and no one will find you).

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