The 100th post!

Hi, everyone. This is my 100th post here. Not so big number, but it’s some kind of anniversary too.

I didn’t think that this part of my activities will continue for such a long time. And I didn’t think that this blog will be interesting to someone. But now I see that there were more than 3,300 unique visitors, more than 40 subscribers, and in some days this blog collects more than 10 likes.

This blog began as part of the learning of the English language, writing is a very important skill for everyone who wants to improve his language skills. I didn’t have any ideas what I want to write here, and all my articles appeared from my everyday thoughts, interests, news those made me excited or angry, music that I like, films that I watch, sport, etc. I think I’ll add some new topics to this blog, martial arts for example because I have some experience in combat sport, it’s part of my life too.

As you already have seen, I don’t want to write about things that I don’t care or don’t have enough knowledge.

Thanks for everyone who comes to read, who likes my posts, who subscribes, it’s awesome that you like what I’m doing.

And I’m sure that I will always have some ideas what to write about because there will always be in the world political activists who trying to call himself objective journalist, always will be leftists freaks, always will be mass media with their attempts to change your mind.

And don’t forget, I don’t give a fuck if any of my thoughts here offended you, I’m not your mother or psychologist.


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