Is “Black Panther” the best movie of 2018?

I’m sure that if you live not in the cave you saw gazillions articles/ posts like “Top 10 best comics screen adaptations for all times”, “Best superhero movie”, “First black screen superhero”, etc. And in each of these articles an author trying to tell you that “Black Panther” is absolutely amazing.

And that’s what I can tell about this Black Panther cult, this is an average superhero movie, nothing special. Of course, if you sjw zombie, left activist, soy boy, or another type of NPC-shitheads, this film could be awesome in your eyes.
No, it’s not bad at all, even with all this left propaganda. CJI is quite sucks, especially in fighting scenes, the story has holes, but in general, it’s good. I see that Marvel decided to make money on all these vogue robots, and black racists (yes, racists. And I don’t care of this stupid left definition, that black people couldn’t be racists, they can). And they make it really well, much better than losers from Luckas Film.
It is very silly, all this hysteria about “Black Panther”, the white guy created this character and Wacanda, the white guy decided to make a screen adaptation, white guys paid for it, the white guy was the director. And they tell that this is a 100% black movie. I’ll tell you one secret: almost all the money that all of you paid in the cinema got white guys, who made this movie.

Fuck, what about Blade, Spawn, Steel? Are they not black? Or you so like an idea that on the continent, the biggest part of which people lives in the stone age, exists some extremely advanced nation, with technologies that no one has ever seen in the world?

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