Sometimes I’m looking videos or reading books about obsolete medical techniques and methods, especially surgery. And this one is something incredible, let’s look more detail.

What lobotomy is?

 “A lobotomy, or leucotomy, is a form of psychosurgery, a neurosurgical treatment of a mental disorder that involves severing connections in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. Most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain are severed. It was used for psychiatric and occasionally other conditions as a mainstream procedure in some Western countries for more than two decades. This was despite general recognition of frequent and serious side effects.” Wikipedia

Basically, a doctor takes a special tool, called “orbitoclast”, and hammer it to the patient brain, through his eye-socket. The most interesting thing is that this procedure is still using now, in some cases. Not often, but practiced, and it really could be that if you have a mental disorder, you will feel all the effects of this procedure on your own experience.

I don’t have numbers, but in the early days, the first half of the twentieth century, this medical procedure was very popular in the psychiatry. And I quite sure that many of patience became more insane after this surgery than were before.

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