Tiamat – Wildhoney (1994)

Artist: Tiamat
Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media
Type: Full-length album
Format: CD
Release date: 1st of September 1994

Another great album, the best Tiamat album (in my opinion), and one of the best albums from the ’90s. Even after 25 years, they are performing a few songs from this album. It was the last Tiamat’s metal album, after 1994 they began to include more gothic rock sound.

Such tracks as “Whatever that hurts” and “Gaia” are in the list of the best metal tracks ever (in my personal list), it’s really amazing music masterpieces.  I’ve had a great opportunity to hear these tracks live, and it was awesome.

No, I don’t think that this is the only good Tiamat’s album, I listen at least a half of their discography, old and new, but this album is the diamond in the Death/Doom wave of the ’90s.

Also, this album is the balance of old Tiamat, that played Death Metal, and new Tiamat, that play Gothic Rock. Everything here is perfect, interesting texts with an undertone, low-tempo hard sound, great vocal with sensations of hopelessness.

Definitely 10 of 10

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