Do you need to do basic exercises?

Hi, everyone. Today I was in the gym, started my workout with a deadlift, and after the train, I began to think about two mindsets about an effective workout.

Of course, you can do whatever you want (even squat using your dick instead of legs), and it is very likely that your body responding to exercises in a different way, but if you want to gain muscles, you should do basic exercises (yes, I know that these are not basic exercises for bodybuilding, they are basic powerlifting exercises).

Once I decided to make an experiment (according to a scientific study), I decided to use high-reps training with medium weights (14-20 reps, with 40-55 % maximum weight) and with more frequent training regime. I’ve trained in such a way for 8 months, and instead of gaining muscles I had another effect.

After these 8 months, my body mass decreased on 2 kilos (almost 5 pounds), my body fat percentage became higher, biceps became smaller on 1 centimeter (0.4 inches), shoulders on 3.5 centimeters (1.3 inches), and my strength dropped dramatically.

So, I’m sure that my body can’t growth with such a method. After that, I needed 6 months to back my results to the previous level.

I don’t say that you need only 3 exercises, and you should always do it in the way like powerlifters, but you need to do each of them at least once per 10 days. I do regular one-rep maximum only when I’m doing deadlift. After that, I’m making 4 more exercises in the bodybuilding manner (6-12 reps with 65-80% of one-rep maximum weight). Squat and bench press I make 4-9 reps in 4 sets. and make other exercises. But these exercises give me hormonal stress (I always train naturally), and increase strength.

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