Fuck identity politics

Hi, my little nerds. It was a really long time, sines I was here the last time. I have quite a crazy days during the last few weeks.

I don’t use any of my marketing pieces of knowledge for this blog, because I don’t give a fuck, how many visitors I have and how many of you read my posts. But sometimes I really want more people to find the post. The more visitors will be, the more SJW shitheads will read it (I don’t doubt that some part of you, who read these rows, are NPC’s and other left shitholes).
So, if you are some of these motherfuckers, go fuck your grandma! You aren’t allowed to be here, go and suck Rian Johnson’s dick (or lick his/her/it pussy, who the fuck know the different between SJWs’).

And if you don’t know yet, antifa is cancer, just one of many types of this social disease. Even black people, gays, transgenders, who have a normal life, job, family, and don’t have any problems with the law, mental health, thinks that you’re pieces of shit. Your activity only makes damage to society.
Yes, I know that some democrats are nice guys, and want the best for the worlds, but most of you are idiots, who hate your own countries, your culture, and your heritage (just look how many annoying assholes everywhere, who feels themselves offense from everything, who burns flags on the independence day, who beats old people and women those not agree with left-wing destructive ideology).
If you really some of these fags, and still reading, despite butthurt, make a favor for the country where you living and kill yourself. You and your ideology want to annihilate the native population, so begin from yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Fuck identity politics”

  1. Sorry. Those Left-wing filth won’t kill themselves. They seem to expect Americans to kill them instead. But then, isn’t this the norm for their sort? Even when it comes to suicide, they expect Americans to pay for them.


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