Some updates

During the last week, there were a bunch of interesting things, that I’ve experienced. First of all, I was on the awesome live show of Ukrainian black metal band 1914. It was really cool, and I’ll write a full review of this live show soon.

Second, when I’ve almost was there (200 meters before the club where this show took place), I’ve seen a torch rally of Ukrainian nationalist. And this event was so impressive, that I’ve got the right spirit for the concert. I’m very glad that this nation began to be proud of its heritage and culture.

Third, and the last one, I’ve chatted with one of my colleagues from another country, and when I’ve told him that I’m from Kiev, he asked me if this is the part of Russia. I don’t have anything against Russians (except for communists, internationalists, and other left scum), this thing made me crazy. I see that 99% of the world don’t know the difference between Russia and Ukraine!

I’m not a young teenager, and I’ve already seen tons of movies and cartoons, where Ukrainian and Russian traditions were mixed. But I didn’t know that this situation didn’t change over time.

And because of that, I’ve decided to add such thematic like Ukrainian culture, traditions, nature to my blog. I know that 90% of my readers from other countries, and I hope they will learn something new about my country. The best option for showing that is Instagram (yes, I know that I’ve talked many times how sucks Instagram is, but it is very few people, who looking for photos in blogs or facebook). So, I’ll write posts about Ukraine and make photos for Instagram. Here is the link to the account.

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