Watain live show

This was awesome. A few days ago I have been on Watain live show, and these guys are fucking cool!

First of all, I’m not a great Watain fan (at least before the show). I know some of their songs, listen from time to time their albums, but it’s not a band from my top 10. But when I found an invitation to this event I decided to go there, because not so many such level black metal bands arriving in my home city. And I know that their live shows look great.

But their energy, their engagement with the auditory, their artistic skills makes their performance absolutely insane. Comparing with Dark Funeral, their sound was quite worse, and they didn’t get all their decor with them, but this concert was astonished. This is real black metal, not like a 90% of bands, that put that tag to their albums.

Don’t lose your opportunity to see them live, if they are going to your cities. I will not.

Some of the songs you can watch here. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel, there will be more videos soon.

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