“1914” Ukrainian band

Today I’ll tell you about one of the best bands that I ever saw live. Some time ago, I was at the festival, called “Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2018”, this is something like a competition. Each band has half an hour and during this set they trying to make the best to get as many as possible voices from visitors.

More than a half of bands were really sucked (in one of the competitor bands was a fat guy, who tried to sing songs of Queen, but his vocal is absolutely disgusting), and even the band- winner is garbage.  But one band made something great, their part was amazing. This band called “1914”, and they playing black metal with lyrics about WWI. They were so awesome, that I even bought their merch after the show.

They were great in every aspect, their visual part was awesome too. I have a few videos from this show “Frozen In Trenches”, “Zeppelin Raids”, “A7V Mephisto”.

They won nomination “Best metal album 2018”, but they gained fewer votes in the nomination “Best Metal Band 2018”, they finished second. And the worst thing is the winner is even not a metal band, it is some kind of rapcore/alt metal/funk/folk/metalcore/penguin shit, and they had more votes only because more than 50% of visitors were drunk teenagers.

But 1914 is the rare case when everything good, visual part, lyrics, and music of course. I hope I will see these guys from Lviv soon again.

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