Black Metal bands that really matter

I’m just want to mention some bands, that I listen almost always, and I believe I should make it here because this is my blog, and here I can write everything that I want.

1.  It was really difficult to decide, which band will be first,  and after a while, I decided that it should be Mayhem.

Mayhem was the first true-black metal band that I ever saw live, it is the most recognizable true-black metal band in the world (the most infamous too), and in my opinion, Mayhem is the best black metal band ever. Current vocalist Attila is amazing, with Hellhammer and other guys they make awesome music.


2. Burzum. Varg Vikernes is the former and the only musician of Burzum, also known as political/sociology/philosophy/historical writer. His music is amazing, no matter if this is Black Metal, Ambient, or Pagan Metal album. His music as good as his books.


3. Dark Throne. These guys started their musical path like a Death Metal band (and their first album was awesome), but later they made a standard of how should sound true Black Metal.


4. Bathory. Yes, most of Bathory’s albums are not a Black Metal, but first albums built the bridge for the next bands.


5. Nocturnal Depression. This is my favorite Depression Black Metal in the world and the only French Black Metal band that I listening. Their album “Nostalgia – Fragments of a Broken Past” is a true masterpiece. I’ve written a review for it before.


6. 1349. These Norwegian guys are insane, their music is like a storm. I even didn’t believe when I saw them for the first time.


7. Warwulf. This band is the best NS Balck Metal band that I ever heard. I don’t know much about them, but I hope I’ll see them live someday.


8. Gorgoroth. Yes, many metalheads hate Gorgoroth because Gaal is gay, but this fact doesn’t change their music, and their music was the best with Gaal.


9. Carpathian Forest. You can find a lot of funny and freaky photos of this band, and their lyrics quite often suit these photos, but their music is as cool as fuck. And go and fuck yourself if you don’t want to listen to music because of freaky photos.


10. Dark Funeral. This Sweden Black/Death Metal band, in my opinion, has more Black than Death sound, and their first albums were Blackish. And their music is insanely fast


11. Mysticum. This is not a true Black Metal band, it’s Industrial/Black, but their music is so atmospheric that I can’t leave them out of the list. Their album “In the Streams of Inferno” make you feel yourself like in the post-apocalyptic world. Amazing album.


I’ve not added to the list some bands that I think are great too, because I don’t like them so much like these 11, but I want to mention them too:

  • Eisenwinter
  • Goatmoon
  • Immortal
  • Abruptum

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