Linux vs Windows

A few months ago I bought a new laptop and this time I didn’t choose the option “setup operative system windows” that suggested a web store, as I used to before. Last years I’m very disappointed with Microsoft production. If you want to know why just continue reading.

Yes, Linux is quite more difficult in everyday routine, setup is much more difficult, and design is not so pretty as has Windows 10. But there is a list of reasons, why Linux is better than Windows.

At first, Windows has so many technical issues, that even patches that should fix them very often contain a lot of new issues. And if you using your PC, not for gaming but for the job, and your PC often can’t work properly, this is a huge problem.

The second reason, Windows spy on you. Yes, like a google chrome browser, Windows send reports of all your activity to the developers. And I absolutely against it.

The third reason, all Linux software is much faster and much less load your hardware (if you using win10, you need at least 8 GB of operative memory, or your PC will be very slow).

The next reason, all Linux software is free, you don’t need to pay for anything.

Also important reason, there is almost no viruses for Linux. Very small number of people uses Linux, and even these people are not media stars or millionaires, so hackers have much less interest to hack your PC and steal your personal information. And Linux is much more protected against cyber attack than Windows.

And the last for today reason, you can change your OS as you wish. Linux developers left the full ability to change elements of OS for users. I very enjoy this, I don’t like when someone decides what I can do with my property and what not.

PS: I think my experience of work with Linux is quite small, and I think I’ll find a lot of new reasons, why Linux is so good. And I know many people scared about the difficulties of using Linux (yes, here you need a few more skills comparing to Windows), but I’ve learned how to use it in three days.

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