The army of NPC’s

If you live not in the jungles of East America or northern part of Russia, you know about this new meme. And as you already know, the most crapy social network (after Whoregram), Tweeter, makes all that it could to stop this meme.

But why is this social network has so epic butthurt? Because this platform is one of the most successful tools for producing NPC’s (SJW-idiots).You can post there porno, violence, everything, but not memes about left wing assholes.

Yes, they can ban accounts in their own network, but they cannot ban it everywhere on the whole internet. Even google can’t do it. Even if all common browsers would decide to forbid this meme, they can do nothing with the deep web, and the deep web is much bigger than all parts of the internet that you can reach using these browsers.

So, fuck you Tweeter, fuck you NPC’s, the more you piss off, the more attention will have this meme.

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