W.A.S.P. – The Crimson Idol (1992)

I already almost not listen to such kind of music now, but this album is something fantastic. It even not a usual music album, this is a musical. There is the tragic story that comes through the list of the song, from the beginning till the end. If you have the special edition, you can hear bonus track – the story of Johnathan life.
All in this album is awesome, the music, the vocal, even the story (I really rarely like the plot of the conceptual album). And the story is so real, this is not a fiction, this is the truth of the life of the showbiz world particularly. This story is so well written, that I wish that they made a movie using this story as the plot.
Regarding musical part: all the songs are great, the style is heavy/glam metal, but not so soft and positive as Poison played, no this music is quite depressive. If you like more hard sound, I’m sure you will like the most “Charlie Chainsaw”, if you like ballads, “The Idol” is one of the best metal-ballades for all the time.
I even don’t know what I can add, this is so good album, that you should listen to it, not read any reviews.

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