Why do I avoid Russian-speaking people?

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m working in an internet marketing international company, and because of that I often talk to people from different countries (my colleagues and clients). There are people from the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, India, Philippines, China, Russia, Ukraine, Grees, Pakistan, etc.

But I observed one interesting fact, there is one type of people, with which very uncomfortable communicate. And almost all of them from Russian-speaking countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarussia, etc.). Those people always argue about everything, they think that they are the smartest, most confidence in any sphere of life. They just can’t agree with anything without doubts, they always trying to tell you how you should make your work, especially if they don’t have even basic knowledge of this.

And it is not the only in the professional sphere, even in social networks, they always trying to decrease all achievements of other people, and there is the biggest number of trolls from these countries. You even can check on the Youtube, there are tons of negative comments, even if the video is about some guy who saved the child. Even Russian bloggers think that the Russian audience is the most arrogant in the world.

Even search terms (all ads that you see in the Google, Facebook, Youtube have an analytics, where you can see which search term had used by the visitor before he found your ad) on the Russian language is mostly about “how to stole …”, “how to take … for free”, “how to build the business doesn’t do anything”, “how to gain the muscles without training and diet”, “who can borrow the money without withdrawing it back”, …..

Actually, I’m from the country where more than a half of natives uses the Russian language, but I’m trying to have most of the communication on English. And I don’t think that 100% of them is so bad, but the percentage of such people is the highest there.

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